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Cant win if you don't play. Register here.

This is not Tournament Registration

Please forgive me as we are actively building our website.  Tournament registration and Sponsor links are working, we are slowing activating other areas of our site. 


    About HBVA


    Hawaii Beach Volleyball Association (HBVA) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with a mission to promote volleyball as a sport and educate the community in beach We provide a platform for our community and players to show their skills in beach volleyball and grow the game. Our website provides information for the community and visitors about locations to play. We host adult beach volleyball events to help get the community involved in the activity. We encourage our adults to get out and play, practice and be fit. HBVA also tries to give back by hosting charity events. Our charity events will change every year but the focus will be towards local families in need.


    HBVA also works with local and national promoters and event organizers to host the TOP BEACH VOLLEYBALL EVENTS IN HAWAII.


    All players wishing to enter an event or tournament in 2016 will need to fill out a registration form on the membership page. There is a yearly membership fee of $30 that will give you a discount on all events. No yearly membership fee required to play. This will allow you to enter any event for the year + get a HBVA shirt. The funds are used to pay for the cost of running tournaments and the non-profit business fees. Including cost to file business taxes, State and Federal business license, etc.. For more information please contact me.

    Please feel free to provide any additional information on this form like allergies or emergency contacts. **A valid picture id &/or birth certificate is required to verify age/gender to ensure compliance with insurance and to comply with official international volleyball standards regarding age/gender rules. No refunds are given once registration closes. 

    You can also pay your membership when you sign up for the event.

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    Phone: 555-555-5555

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